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Custom baseball trading pins is our specialty here at! We have a decade's worth of experience in helping to make your Cooperstown pins, Cal Ripken pins and Youth League baseball trading pins a hot trading item and cherished memento for your team.


Baseball pins are collected by more than just players. Umpires, siblings, fans and umpires trade and collect custom trading pins as well. In many areas opening ceremonies and "baseball pin trading day" events are more popular than all but the championship game itself! Teams meet to socialize and exchange trading pins while making friends and creating memories. Many former players look back at their Youth League trading pin collections and remember some of the favorite moments of their lives.


The competitive nature of the teams and players shows through in the drive to have the biggest, flashiest and most unique baseball trading pin at their tournament. Our talented art staff is glad to work with you to create the perfect custom baseball pin to celebrate your team's accomplishments.


Trading Baseball Pins


Things to remember when ordering your Baseball Trading Pins:

Order your custom baseball pins with time to spare! One of the worst experiences is for a team to show up at a tournament with no baseball pins and the inability to participate in custom trading pin swapping. During the buildup to end-of-season baseball tournaments, the demand for customized baseball trading pins escalates so much that the entire industry can barely keep up with the demand!


We strongly advise touching base with us early in the season, and working to finalize your baseball pin design prior to planning out your postseason itinerary. Once the team has decided on a concept for your trading pin, our art team can help translate your vision into a computer-generated proof to help verify everything about your trading pin design looks perfect. Ordering at least a month in advance is considered the best and safest bet during the months of April through August. It is always a better problem to have to store pins for several weeks than to be figuring out how to get your baseball trading pins from your home to the tournament location the day after you leave for the event!


Baseball Pins


Make sure you order enough baseball pins for the entire tournament! Almost all of our return customers end up ordering more baseball pins with their second order than their initial order. While it can be difficult to determine the number of custom trading pins needed, tournament directors and parents or coaches who have attended events before can be a great help in projecting the quantity of baseball pins you need. Parents, umpires, siblings and coaches collect and trade custom pins as well in most cases, and teams can easily end up going through the quantity of trading pins they anticipated they would need within the first hour of the opening ceremony day!


Use the trading pin style best suited to your baseball pin design. The ideal trading pin for use in a custom baseball pin design is the cloisonne soft enamel style. Soft enamel pins are the thickest style available, and are used 99% of the time for all sports trading pins. While the thinner photo etched style can capture a bit more detail if budgetary constraints require a smaller trading pin size or your logo is very detailed, teams generally have no problem capturing their designs on a soft enamel style. If you plan on using a team photo, an offset digital printed style pin will be used, which allows photo-realistic printing directly onto the metal pin, creating a sharp, clear image even on a smaller pin size.


Trading Pins

Add trading power to your custom baseball pins! knows how important it is for competitive sports teams to have the biggest and best trading pin design at their tournament. We offer a wide selection of additional options to help bring attention and tradability to your custom trading pins. If your trading pins have an image of your state, place a blinker light at the location of your hometown. Make your mascot's head bobble on your baseball pins. Add glitter to push your custom trading pin design over the top!


Remember to include trading pin collector bags! We offer pin collector books to help protect your entire baseball pin collection. These high-quality collecting bags will protect and display your trading pins, while allowing you to access them quickly when trading pins or just showing off your baseball pin collection at the tournament!


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Baseball Trading Pins


Custom Baseball Trading Pins





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