10 Tips on Coaches and Parents for Little League ® Pins

The Hoth - Jan 28, 2020
10 Tips on Coaches and Parents for Little League ® Pins

There's a custom in the world of Little League ® baseball to create and trade pins. These trading pins have become a unique hobby for Little League players around the globe.

Little League pins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Collecting them can be a lot of fun for players, coaches, and parents. Read on to find out more about them.

The History of Little League Pins

The history of trading pins started in the Olympics. The athletes wore small patches that they started to trade with other athletes. It became a tradition to share patches with athletes from around the world, collecting patches from as many countries as possible. 

In 1904, baseball was first played at the Olympics. Years later, trading pins and patches became an Olympic tradition.

Over time, this tradition from the Olympics has become a theme for Little League teams as well. These teams travel to various games and tournaments to play other teams. It's become a custom for the different teams to trade pins with each other.

Collecting pins from each team has become a fun hobby and has inspired collectors around the world. 

10 Tips for Parents and Coaches

Parents and coaches carry on this tradition today. These pins have become an exciting part of the game for Little Leaguers. So providing the best pins and experience is key. We've come up with some great tips for successful trading pins below. 

1. Design Is Everything

You don't want to show up with an ordinary pin. Consider your design and add elements that'll help take it to the next level.

Look at pins you've received in the past; what are your favorite parts? Add in elements that share where you're from, your team elements, and anything special. The pin design should say a lot about your team and players. 

2. Make Your Pins Stand Out

When it comes to creating a good design, choose elements that stand out. The more unique your pin is, the more it'll catch people's eyes. Pins that stand out get noticed and become a favorite among traders. 

3. Bring Lots

It can be hard to determine exactly how many pins you need, but you'll want to have enough. It's better to have more than you need than not enough.

Bring lots of pins with you every time you head out. That way, you'll have a pin on hand for anyone who wants to trade. 

4. Keep Pins Handy

Always have your pins on hand. You never know when you might need them.

If you're at a tournament or camp, trading might occur at any time. You never want to be caught without your pins and miss out on a trade. 

5. Colors Stand Out

Color is an element that always stands out. When you design your pin, don't skimp on the colors.

Go all out and add lots of colors to your pins. Make them flashy and vibrant. Traders will gravitate to your pins when they stand out. 

6. Add Your Logo

Adding your team's logo is important. You'll want everyone to know that your great design belongs to your team.

Make it a key element of your design. You don't want to go crazy with your design, but make it eye-catching. Keep it unique, interesting, and appealing. 

7. Have a Budget

Before you create your design, start with creating a budget. The pins are affordable, but make sure to keep a budget in mind.

You don't need to break the bank to have fun trading pins. You can keep your designs in check and stay within budget so everyone can have fun and take part. There are a lot of affordable pin companies out there that can help you create a unique pin on a budget.

8. Delivery Service

If you run short on time, consider having them delivered to your event. If you're using a company to design your pins, they'll be happy to deliver them to the hotel you're staying in.

Depending on the number of pins and your total, they may even have deals on shipping. 

9. Time for Trading

Once you have your pin, you need time to trade them. Create special times to trade pins. It does you no good to have an amazing pin ready for trading but no time to trade with anyone.

Make time after the games to trade. Some tournaments and camps will have special trading events that are all about the pins.

Make sure to attend these times and give your Little Leaguer time to have fun and trade pins. It's a great way to bond with other players too.

Sometimes, kids can get caught up in competition. Trading is all about fun and gives them time to meet the players on the other teams outside of the games. 

10. Display Them

Once you collect some pins, consider a display for them. There are a bunch of options out there on the market. Showing off all your pins can be a fun way to remember each event and where you got each pin. 

Successful Pin Trading

Using these tips to have a successful pin trading will improve your trading.

Little League pins trading events are for fun and meeting new people. Keep that in mind when planning these events. Have fun with it and enjoy. 

If you're just starting off in the world of pin trading or are looking for some exciting pins to add to your collection, check out our products page today.