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June 20, 2017

Cooperstown Trading Pins Are Hot!

baseball custom trading pin

If your team is headed for the home of baseball, you need trading pins! Cooperstown trading pins are a vital part of the tournament experience.

No matter which of the several Cooperstown tournaments your team is playing in, your players will definitely want to be well-stocked with trading pins. Just like at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, pin trading is a huge part of the youth baseball experience at Cooperstown.

In Cooperstown, you’re immersed in baseball lore from the moment you set foot in the town. As the “birthplace of baseball,’ it’s a must-see destination for baseball fans from all over the world. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum showcases the history of the Great American Pastime from the beginning. Nearly 300,000 visitors travel to the Hall each year.

In all the excitement of Cooperstown tournaments and events, it’s easy to lose sight of the fun of pin trading. Rest assured, the players won’t forget. Trading pins is a cherished part of the total experience.

Trading pins have been an iconic part of youth baseball for decades. Even the Hall of Fame offers its own trading pins. It’s a fun way to meet new friends, collect keepsakes that will last a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to have plenty of your own team’s pins to trade with others.

For the big tournaments, a good minimum is at least 100 pins per player. That’s plenty to get started, and your players aren’t likely to be caught short once the trading starts. You don’t want your players to be disappointed by running out of pins to trade.

Remember, your pins don’t have to be the biggest or most elaborate to trade well. The key is to have a great-looking design. If you’re not sure what you want your trading pins to look like, any reputable pin provider can help. Talented graphic artists can take your concept and turn it into terrific-looking pins that will be a grand slam success when the trading starts.

The key to getting great Cooperstown trading pins is to find a great supplier. At Trading Pins Direct, we are committed to offering you the best quality pins, at the best prices, and with the finest customer service you can get. That’s a tall order, but it’s one we’ve been living up to for almost 15 years.

How do we do it? Well, for starters, we don’t charge for art or revisions, so you can be sure your pins will look exactly the way you want. We don’t charge a setup or mold fee. We’ll even ship your pins free via FedEx Air to any address in the continental U.S.A.

That’s not all. We refuse to be undersold. If you find a lower price on identical pins than we quote you, just let us know. We will match or beat it.

Of course, great prices mean nothing without great quality pins. We back every one we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Find one that’s defective in either materials or workmanship, and we’ll replace it at no extra charge to you. It’s all part of our dedication to total customer satisfaction.

We make it easy, fast and fun to order trading pins. Let us show you today how your team can have great Cooperstown trading pins!

June 16, 2017

Keys to Successful Youth Baseball Practice Plans


Youth baseball practice plans can be the key to success in youth league games. The right plan can mean the difference between a tournament win and going home.

Team practices are where players learn the basics of the game. From base running to catching and throwing the ball to batting, practice is a must. To run a practice in the way that benefits the players most, coaches must have a plan.

If coaches have a written plan for each lesson, it becomes easier to communicate the plan to the players (and parents!), especially if it’s possible to email the plan to the players the day before practice.

Depending on the age of the players, practices will typically run from one to two hours. It pays to plan ahead in segments for each skill the coach wants the team to work on. Don’t spend too much time on any one area, or players are likely to become bored and disinterested.

Most coaches recommend starting with some easy warmup exercises and stretches before moving into more specific skills. That gives the players a chance to get ready for the practice and gets them geared up for it.

Beyond that, it’s really a matter of what the coach wants to accomplish at that particular practice. Do you want players to focus on particular skills or plays? Make sure it’s a part of the plan. Organized practices lead to better teams, and better teams lead to tournament victories. Imagine your team at the big game, trading pins, making friends and even winning it all!

When it comes to the fundamentals, don’t forget to encourage communication between players and proper movement, not just throwing and catching the ball. The ability to read the field is a key part of team success.

For rookie coaches, it’s a good idea to solicit information from veteran coaches when putting together a practice plan. Those with more experience can guide you in setting up an organized practice that’s most beneficial to players and coach alike.

Keep in mind when you’re making youth baseball practice plans that the most important part of youth baseball is having fun! If the practice is too rigorous or repetitive, or too long, it stops being fun. That’s a recipe for bored, unhappy players. Yes, planning is important, but remember to keep it light, and keep it fun. Happy players are far more productive than unhappy ones. And players telling their parents how much fun they’re having is always a great idea.

For that reason, scrimmage games are a great way to end practice for the day. Let the kids actually play ball in a supportive setting and work off some excess energy before heading home.

The bottom line is that it takes a certain amount of organization to make youth baseball practices both helpful and fun for new players and more experienced players alike. Getting to the world of trading pins, television coverage and the crowds of South Williamsport, Cooperstown or any other tournament takes practice. With a little effort, proper youth baseball practice plans and a lot of heart, just about any team can make it there!

June 13, 2017

NOW is The Time to Order Custom Trading Pins!


If your youth league baseball team needs custom trading pins for the big game, NOW is the time to order. Don’t wait until the tournament is almost here!

Why now, you might ask? The reason is simply one of production capacity. For most of the year, trading pin providers can supply pins fairly quickly, within two weeks or less. But come June 1, once we get into the heart of baseball season, EVERY trading pin manufacturing facility in the world (no, we’re not exaggerating) is swamped with orders. In some cases, it can take 3 to 4 weeks to clear the backlog.

So if your team needs trading pins by mid-July or early August, we need to get your order a.s.a.p. to ensure your pins arrive on time for the big game. Don’t wait! If you want great looking, great trading, affordable custom trading pins, the time to order is NOW.

Every year, we field request from teams who want custom trading pins but ran out of time. You don’t want your players to be disappointed when the trading starts. Order as soon as you can to be sure your pins arrive on time.

While we do not — and cannot — offer any guaranteed delivery time during this busy season, Trading Pins Direct will do everything within our power to get your pins to you in time for the big game. We can even have your pins shipped directly to your tournament hotel.

When you order from us, you’re not just getting ordinary trading pins. You’re getting the best pins you can buy, at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. Best of all, no matter when you order, you’ll get our legendary Trading Pins Direct signature customer service. That includes free art and revisions, no setup fees, and even free FedEx Air shipping to any address within the continental United States.

Our artists work fast, and we’ll work with you to make sure your team’s pins look exactly the way you want, with the styles, shapes and options that are sure to make your team’s custom trading pins the grand slam winner when trading starts. We’ll even back our pins with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you find any trading pin you buy from us to be defective in either materials or workmanship, let us know. We’ll replace it at no extra charge. It’s all part of offering you the highest quality pins and the best value in the industry.

We hate to repeat ourselves, but it really is up to you. If your team needs custom pins, contact us as soon as possible. You can fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form, call us toll free at 866.860.8842, or email us at We’ll respond fast, and help you create your perfect pin design. We will get your pins delivered to you as fast as possible.

If you do make the tournament late, or otherwise run out of time, don’t despair. We do have both limited custom options and stock pins available for rush shipment. But we’d rather send you the custom trading pins of your dreams. Just let us know – a.s.a.p. – and we’ll make that happen!

June 12, 2017

A Brief History of the Little League World Series

Every Little League World Series game has a long, distinguished history behind it. Dating to 1947, the Series is the pinnacle of youth league baseball. In addition to being known for great baseball, the Series has also become renowned as a hotbed of baseball pin trading.

This year’s LLWS will take place in South Williamsport, PA for the 59th time. Howard J. Lamade Stadium is Mecca for Little League players and fans from around the world. For 10 days, beginning August 17, thousands of players, coaches, fans and media will descend on the small borough, as they have done for decades.

The economic impact of the Little League World Series on the area is indisputably huge. A study estimated the 2011 LLWS brought more than $30 million into the region over a two-week period.

With the Series comes a whirlwind of activities. Unlike Major League Baseball’s “World” Series (which encompasses only North American teams), the LLWS truly is a worldwide affair. Teams from Asia, Australia and Europe compete with their U.S., Canadian and Mexican counterparts. A total of 16 teams from around the world come together to compete in a round-robin tournament that culminates in a game between one U.S. Division team and one International Division team.

From its humble beginnings, Little League has seen explosive growth and many “firsts.” Williamsport resident Carl Stotz created the first basic rules and field dimensions in 1938. The next year, he and other community members recruited players and formed Little League with three teams.

By the 1940s, Stotz and other leaders formalized the rules, created a logo and expanded Little League beyond its Pennsylvania origins. By 1947, the first Little League World Series game – then called the National Little League Tournament – took place, won by the Maynard Midgets.

The 1950s saw expansion outside the United States, with a Canadian team becoming the first non-U.S. team to play in the LLWS. A number of future major league players started their baseball careers in Little League.

In 1960, the first team from Europe played in  a Little League World Series game, a team from Berlin. Two years later, the first Asian team, from Tokyo, played in the LLWS. By 1967, a Tokyo team was the first Asian team to win the Series.

The next decade brought huge change as girls joined Little League for the first time, thanks to the federal Title IX ruling. It wasn’t a change that came easily. In fact, it took two years and a court order before the League agreed to abide by Title IX.

Baseball trading pins became an official part of the game in 1983, when the League introduced its first official pins. Today, pin trading draws nearly as much interest during the Little League World Series as the games themselves!

The 1990s and early 2000s brought still more changes to the Little League World Series, and to Little League itself. Today the LLWS is as popular as ever, drawing thousands to South Williamsport every August. Carl Stotz’s vision for a youngsters’ version of The Great American Pastime remains as vital today as it was in 1938.

June 8, 2017

Cooperstown Baseball World — Great Baseball in a Great Setting!

When it comes to summer youth baseball tournaments, Cooperstown Baseball World is right up there with the best of them.

Unlike Little League, the Cooperstown event is primarily a showcase for traveling youth teams, with age groups up to 16 represented. Like Little League, it’s a hotbed of baseball pin trading as well as great baseball.

Long beloved as the “home” of baseball, Cooperstown attracts youth league fans from around the world throughout the summer months. With its team accommodations and playing fields primarily on the beautiful campus of the State University of New York – Oneonta, the Cooperstown Baseball World offers young players a chance to both enjoy the game they love and experience a collegiate atmosphere.

Players can attend CBW in one of six weekly tournaments held each summer between early July and mid-August. Weather permitting, teams play in 8 games over the course of the week. CBW has seen teams from almost every state in the U.S., and multiple foreign nations as well.

The attractions of Cooperstown (24 miles from Oneonta) include the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, historic Abner Doubleday Field and many other baseball related events and attractions.

Participants at Cooperstown Baseball World live in dormitories on the SUNY-Oneonta campus for the week, and have access to campus facilities. Teams play on fields specially designed for each age group.

As always with youth league baseball, trading pins are a valued part of the Cooperstown experience. Each player receives a free pin as part of their registration fee. Keep in mind it’s always a good idea for your team to have plenty of your own pins for trading with others!

One important aspect of CBW that’s different from Little League is that there are no restrictions on the number of pitches a player can throw in a game. It’s left to each coach’s discretion. Little League sets strict limits on the number of pitches a player may throw per game, with required rest days after specific numbers of pitches.

Cooperstown Baseball World is less age-restrictive than Little League as well. While the Little League World Series only allows players up to age 13 (12 as of 2018), the Cooperstown program allows teams (age-matched, of course: 12 and under, 13 and under, etc.) up to age 16. It gives older players a chance to play longer and get the college campus experience as well.

As with several other Cooperstown-area baseball experiences such as Cooperstown Dreams Park and Cooperstown All-Star Village, the emphasis at CBW is on the players having fun. A weeklong competitive event in a pastoral setting is ideal for forming lifelong friendships. The collegiate setting is a perfect background for fun, friendship and family entertainment.

As previously noted, pin trading is quite popular at virtually every youth baseball tournament. Trading Pins Direct is your source for outstanding custom baseball trading pins at great prices and with superior customer service. To find out more, call us at 866.860.8842, email us at or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form.

May 30, 2017

Looking to Pick Up Little League World Series Tickets? Read This First!

Little League World Series tickets are completely free to the public, as they always have been. However, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to obtain! Let’s look at what you need to do and where you need to go to pick up a ticket for the Series in August.

For many of the earlier games in the Series, general public tickets are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis. League officials may or may not offer tickets ahead of time to assist with seating, depending on how busy that particular game is. If not, the stadium is open to the public and you can choose where to sit.

If officials decide to use tickets for the game you’re interested in, you can find the Little League World Series tickets either at the entrance to Lamade Stadium, or at “Will Call” behind the stadium near the third base side. Tickets will be available only on the same day as the game itself, not before.

If you’re lining up for tickets, remember that they only give out one per person in line, so make sure to bring your entire crew with you. You don’t want to leave anyone without a ticket at game time!

Once many of the teams are eliminated and the Series starts getting closer to the title game, it becomes increasingly difficult to get tickets for the stadium itself. The only championship game that is open to the general public is the consolation game, where seating in the stadium is again on a first-come, first-served basis.

While there are no Little League World Series tickets available to the general public for the championship game this year, officials have used a lottery system in the past. You would have needed to enter your information on a website ahead of time and league officials would choose names at random for tickets.

Worried you won’t get there early enough for a ticket? Don’t fret! While snagging a ticket for stadium seating can be difficult sometimes, there are always seats available on “The Hill” near the outfield fence of Lamade Stadium.

“The Hill” is a popular spot for Little League World Series fans, and no tickets are required to sit there. If you’ve ever watched the Series on TV, you’ll recognize the famous hill and you know just how popular it can be.

It’s still a good idea to get there early, and you’ll need to bring your own chair or towel to sit on. There’s also an area of the hill that’s set aside for sliding, and while you might get a little muddy, it’s still a lot of fun to bring a piece of cardboard to slide down on!

Whether you’re able to score some Little League World Series tickets or you decide to catch the games from “The Hill,” the Series is definitely something you should attend at least once. There’s a great atmosphere around the complex, and the competitive spirit is alive and well among players and fans alike. Don’t forget to visit the pin trading tent while you’re attending the Series. We’ll see you there!

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May 18, 2017

Looking for Cooperstown, NY Lodging? Here Are Some Great Places to Stay!

Heading to a baseball tournament or taking a family vacation? Let’s look at some great Cooperstown, NY lodging options.

Cooperstown is an absolutely beautiful town nestled in the foothills of the Catskill mountain range in New York state. Originally established in the late 1700s under the name “Otsego,” It was later changed to “Cooperstown” in 1812. The town’s long and rich heritage means there are plenty of historic locations around the city to visit and spend a night at!

One of the most well-known and well-loved historic locations is The Inn at Cooperstown. Originally built in 1874 and fully restored in 1985, the inn is centrally located, meaning you’re within walking distance to many of the attractions in Cooperstown, including the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Inn at Cooperstown boasts modern amenities in a vintage setting. Enjoy things like wireless internet while relaxing in a rocking chair on the inn’s veranda or a functional fireplace in each room.

If you’re interested in staying at The Inn At Cooperstown, make sure you book your room well ahead of time. There are only 18 rooms ranging from $115 – $330 a night, and the popularity of the inn means they’re always busy! Call (607) 547-5756 or visit their website for more information.

Another popular Cooperstown, NY lodging choice is the Otesaga Resort Hotel. Located on the shore of the Otsego Lake, the hotel has been in operation since 1909. The Otesaga Resort Hotel is located adjacent to the Leatherstocking Golf Course, which was also built in 1909 and was named one of Golfweek Magazine’s “Best Courses You Can Play.”

While the Otesaga Resort Hotel has quite a few more rooms than The Inn At Cooperstown, the Otesaga is a bit more expensive, with rooms ranging from $199 – $670 a night. However, the hotel is still one of the essential Cooperstown, NY lodging options. After all, it was voted one of the “Top 50 U.S. Golf Resorts” by Condé Nast Traveler readers! Call 800-348-6222 for reservations or visit their website for further information about the resort.

Looking for something a bit more affordable? Try the Bayside Inn & Marina! Located on Otsego Lake (the same lake as the Otesaga Resort Hotel), the Bayside Inn & Marina offers lower nightly rates that range from $69 – $189, depending on the date.

Bayside Inn & Marina features a small swimming beach on the lake, as well as picnic areas, gazebos, and canoes or kayaks for guests to use. The inn also offers a hospitality room with a large TV, puzzles, and board games, and several outdoor barbecue areas around the lakefront property.

Bayside Inn & Marina is located 7 miles from Cooperstown itself, 1 mile from the Glimmerglass Festival, and 12 miles from the Cooperstown Dreams Park. For more information about the inn, call (607) 547-2371 or visit their website!

There you go! Plenty of Cooperstown, NY lodging options for your next trip to the idyllic New York countryside. Visit or for more information about the area!

May 17, 2017

New Product: Custom Rally Towels!

custom rally towel red white and blue logo

They’re the best and most nerve-wracking types of games: your team is down two runs in the bottom of the ninth, or you’re trailing by three points with 15 seconds on the clock and you’re just barely in field-goal range. What’s the best way for you, as a fan, to pump up your team and get the huge come-from-behind win? Custom rally towels!

Trading Pins Direct is excited to offer this new product, along with an entire range of custom rally gear. We’re expanding into more products, based on what our teams and customers are saying. You said you wanted more gameday gear, and we’re providing!

Our custom rally towels are 15”x18” and are made from a high-quality poly-blend fabric. The towels offer an imprint area of 11”x15”, ensuring your team colors, logo, or mascot will stand out from a distance. The towels are available with up to three imprint colors, meaning you can include all your team colors in your design.

We offer our towels in increments of 12, 25, or 50 so you can decide how many is right for your team. We’ve found these towels are popular items at concession stands and pep rallies alike, so plan accordingly. You don’t want to run out before the big game!

Along with our new custom rally towels, we’re excited to offer a full range of rally products, including hats, shirts, banners, and wristbands. Design all your team gear with us and receive a discount using one of our package deals!

Each rally product will feature your design, whether it’s a team logo, mascot, or school name. Offer a wide range of products to your fans as fundraisers, or give them to your team to proudly display their team spirit to the world wherever they go. is proud to offer the finest pins and other promotional products you’ll find on the market. We have years of experience designing trading pins for teams all around the United States. That experience shows in the quality of the pins we offer, and we’re extending that same level of quality to custom rally towels and other rally products.

Ordering from us, you can expect great customer service, high-quality artwork and design, and quick turnaround and delivery times. We offer unlimited revisions on artwork, meaning you don’t pay until you’re completely satisfied with your design(s)!

Have you ordered from us before? Share how you’re using your new pins or rally products! We always enjoy seeing how our customers use their new products, and we’d love to share your pictures or story on our website or Facebook page (with your permission, of course.)

Thank you for reading. As we said before, we’re very excited to offer these brand-new products for our customers. Keep an eye on our blog and on Facebook for more new rally products to go along with our new custom rally towels!

May 4, 2017

Youth Baseball Hitting Drills to Try With Your Team!

When it comes to improving young players’ ability, youth baseball hitting drills are among the most effective thing you can do. They improve confidence, reinforce balance and coordination, and teach correct bat handling techniques.

Youth baseball is geared toward fun, no question. But part of the fun is getting better at the game. The better a young player can master the fundamental mechanics of baseball, the more fun they have. More fun can mean more wins, maybe even tournaments and the joys of trading pins and all the other perks that come with great play.

According to some, the most difficult task in all of sports is to hit a baseball. Think about it – the batter must see the ball coming toward them and react in less than a second to hit it. It’s so tough that hitting the ball a third of the time (batting .300) is considered a terrific batting average.

Anything that can improve a batter’s ability to see the ball, react more quickly and with control will give the batter a performance edge. That’s where youth baseball hitting drills can help.

With a wide range of drills available online, it’s not hard to find many ways to help young players improve their game. Whether you want to work on timing of the swing, balance, power or any other aspect, you can find plenty of video tutorials online.

The key to successful hitting drills is having qualified coaches or parents giving the hitter useful feedback, especially when first starting the drills. The coach/parent must know what each drill is designed to accomplish and make sure the player is using the proper stance and swing. Proper technique is crucial to improvement.

There are several common youth baseball hitting drills. One popular drill that works well for hand-eye coordination for younger players is to use small balls, such as smaller than standard baseballs or even golf balls. These enable the player to get used to a much smaller hitting target, making it easier to hit the regulation-size ball when they switch back to it.

Another common drill for checking player body mechanics is the stop-at-contact drill. The player swings from a normal stance, but stops at the point where he/she would contact the ball. This allows the player and the coach to make sure the player is maintaining the proper posture and stance at the point of contact. This helps increase hitting power.

A no-look swing drill teaches the batter to keep his/her eyes down, watching the ball as they follow through with the swing. It’s designed to help keep the player in proper form through the full swing.

The bottom line is the same as always – practice makes perfect. The more players work on their game, the more they’ll improve. A little bit of work doing youth baseball hitting drills can lead to more and better opportunities to play. Whether a player’s goal is Cooperstown, South Williamsport or any other youth tournament location, it’s always best to be prepared for the big game!

May 2, 2017

All About Pins – How To Maximize Your Pins’ Trading Value

At the big game, you want your team’s pins to be the ones everybody else wants to trade for, right? At Trading Pins Direct, we’re all about pins, so we can help with a few fast tips that will maximize the value of your team’s custom trading pins!

Start with your trading pin design. You want a pin that really represents your team’s winning spirit. Talk to the graphic designers at your chosen pin provider. They can help you create a team logo, or tweak your existing one to make it the most attractive that it can be to traders. Think about the colors in your design, and the options on your pins (more on this later.)

Consider pin size. If your budget allows, go bigger. All other things being equal, bigger pins have more trading value than small one. But that doesn’t mean your team’s trading pins have to be huge. A great design will trade well, no matter what size it is.

Think about your pin colors. Big, bright, bold colors are the best when your design is all about pins. Talk to a graphic artist about making your pins really “pop” visually with color.

What about options? They add eye-catching details, and a good pin supplier can work with just about any budget to boost your pins’ trading power. Glitter enamel, for example, adds richness, sparkle and depth to your pin design at very little added cost.

Danglers, spinners and bobble heads add motion and a “play” factor to your pins. Traders love to see those valuable extras that make any pin more interesting. Want a real “wow factor” look? Add LEDs to give your mascot blinking eyes!

Remember, it’s important to order your trading pins as early in the season as possible. The peak of the youth baseball season is also all about pins. With so many teams ordering pins around the world, the manufacturing facilities get backed up worldwide. The longer you wait to order, the more risk you run of not being able to get your team’s pins in time for the big tournament. Don’t risk missing out on great looking pins – order early!

Having said that, if you discover late in the season that your team made the tournament, don’t despair. Some trading pin providers, including Trading Pins Direct, can do rush orders of custom pins. Your size, shape and option choices will be limited, but we will be able to get pins to you quickly.

Another alternative is stock pins. These can be shipped directly from a pin provider’s warehouse to you, and can often even be shipped to your tournament hotel. They won’t be customized for your team, but they will prevent the disappointment of your players not having anything to trade at the big game.

A great pin supplier is your ally in your quest for the best pins and the best value. Count on a trusted provider such as Trading Pins Direct for all your custom trading pin needs!

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