Can You Bring Trading Pins on Planes?

Blogger - Jul 15, 2019
Can You Bring Trading Pins on Planes?

Sports championships have some of the best pin trading opportunities out there. Teams and fans come from every corner of the country to see the games and support their teams, so the possibilities of what you’ll find are nearly endless. There is one small snag, though: while major events tend to be in cities with large populations, a lot of attendees will still need to take to the skies to get there. 

Before you pack your bags, throw on your favorite hat or rally item covered in trading pins and board your next flight to the Baseball Nationals, find out if you’re even allowed to take your trading pins on the plane. 

Are Trading Pins Allowed on Planes? 

The short answer is yes. If you’re traveling in the U.S., you should have no trouble taking your trading pins on a plane, whether they’re packed in your checked bag or on the hat your wear in the cabin. According to TSA (America’s Transportation Security Administration), both “stick pins” and “safety pins” are allowed in the cabin and in checked bags. Trading pins specifically aren’t called out on the list of what you can bring on a plane, but given that the prickly pin part is much smaller than that of a safety pin or even a tie pin, we think you’ll be ok. 

It’s important, though, to keep in mind that the TSA agents always have the final say in what you can and can’t take through security. If you’re still concerned about taking your pins through security, or perhaps if you have a large amount of pins that you want to keep safe until you arrive at your destination, you can always pack them in your checked luggage. If you’re traveling internationally, this may also be the best option.

Arm Your Team with Pins to Trade

Trading pins aren’t just a one-time “give it and forget it” thing. In fact, some of the best sports teams cultures are built around these little pins because, while they may be little, they mean a whole lot. We suggest getting a new pin for your team each year, and every time a team member meets a goal or does something outstanding, give a pin to recognize their hard work. They’ll love the credit they get for working hard, plus it’ll give them a great story to tell when trading pins at the next big event.