Go Team! Cheerleading Trading Pins and Their Benefits

The Hoth - Aug 26, 2019

Would a sport truly be a sport with a great team of cheerleaders cheering them on? What would a sport be without them? That’s the common view of cheerleaders, but it’s outdated. Today’s cheerleaders and cheer squads compete in their own events, and are recognized as athletes in their own right. There's no denying that they are engaged in a sport of their own.

Trading pins are a great way to celebrate your cheer squad’s athletic abilities. Just as other sports trade pins at competitions, so do modern cheerleading teams. Here are some awesome trading pin ideas and the benefits of having them.


Cheer trading pins offer positive feedback both to your squad and to your school. They offer a range of benefits you might not have considered.

Team and School Pride

Displaying custom pins is a great way to show your team's pride and their school pride. Each cheerleader will have the ability to display their pin wherever they go. Have them pin it to a leather jacket or even a backpack!

Unite the Team

Custom trading pins boost team spirit and camaraderie. Show your squad pride with pins that reflect your logo, mascot or team motto. A shared vision brings your team together!

Sense of Accomplishment

Custom pins also are a good way to honor team accomplishments. If your squad won a state, regional, national or even international competition, let the world know! Design pins that showcase that award. The experienced artists at Trading Pins Direct can work with you to create terrific looking pins.

Motivate the Team

When your team knows that they will be rewarded when reaching goals, it will motivate them to continue striving to be the best. It brings them together and makes them want to earn more. You can customize different pins for different accomplishments and hand them out when appropriate.

Pin Trading

Of course, pin trading is the reason for trading pins’ existence. Give your team plenty of pins to trade with members of other squads at competitions. Trading pins with other cheerleaders is a fantastic way to break the ice and make new friends you might not otherwise meet.

Customize Your Pins

It’s easy to customize your team’s trading pins and make them unique to your team. We offer a range of options to customize your pins. Among all the different customization options available, here are a few ideas to consider.

Team Name

Consider having your team name printed on your pins. If the team doesn't have a name, you can always uses your school’s name and/or mascot.

Team Colors

A custom trading pin doesn't have to display words at all. You can always go with your team or school colors. Select the colors that best represent your squad.

Team Logo

Got a team logo? Put it on a pin! They’re a great way to show other teams what you’re all about.

Favorite Saying

Does your cheerleading squad have a favorite saying? Is there a specific thing you say together right before going out to cheer? Consider imprinting it on a pin! It can be as simple as a single word.

Add Personality With Pin Options

When picking out customizations for your pins, don't forget to add personality. We offer sliders, danglers, glitter, blinkers, spinners, and more! Check out our Options page for ideas, and choose one or more options that best reflects your squad’s personality.

Have It Your Way

If you're looking to purchase trading pins for your cheerleading team, maximum customization will give you maximum visual impact and trading power. Let our graphic artists show you how great your team’s trading pins can be! For more information on all of our great trading pins available to you, check out our products page, and get a free quote today!