Collecting Baseball Trading Pins is a Tradition Like No Other!

Rick Cundiff - May 23, 2019
Collecting Baseball Trading Pins is a Tradition Like No Other!

Baseball has long been an American tradition, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. Since then, the sport has become one of the most popular in the entire country, and it's a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. From the earliest tee-ball games all the way up to the major leagues; baseball is a summer staple.

At baseball games around the country, there are a number of different traditions involved. Yes, there's the standard peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but it's impossible to resist a hotdog and/or a cold beer (at the major league games at least; please don't drink at the youth games.)

However, there's one tradition at youth games that's more popular than the rest. Baseball trading pins! Most organized youth leagues or school teams have special pins made representing their team or league. The teams, fans, and coaches trade their pins with other teams throughout the season or at a tournament/championship. Pin trading is a hobby enjoyed by many, and some hobbyists boast collections of thousands of unique pins.

For the most part, there's no limit to what can be included on a pin. Many teams go for a team mascot or logo, but there are plenty of other creative and unique opportunities when designing a pin. Here at TradingPinsDirect, we've seen quite a few pins that go above and beyond.

What really makes your baseball trading pins stand out are pin options. Adding a blinker, slider, bobber, glitter, or other option can really make your pins stand out from the rest. We've seen teams add blinkers to a mascot's eyes, or add special glitter paint to their regular logo for added pizzazz.

Pins are a hot commodity at large baseball tournaments at the end of the season. With hundreds of players from around the state, country, or even in some cases, the world, there are plenty of opportunities to collect new pins. Most collectors look for pins with unique quantities or pins from teams they wouldn't normally play with.

One of the most famous pin-trading areas is at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania in August. Held annually, the Little League World Series receives probably the most media attention of any of the youth baseball tournaments. At the Series, there's a designated pin trading tent where players, parents, and fans can meet to trade pins. There have even been news reports on the popularity of pin trading at the Series. It's a tradition in South Williamsport, and it's one that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

There you go; now you know just how popular baseball trading pins can be. Keep all of this in mind when designing your own pins for your team and you're sure to design something that collectors will want to get their hands on. Design a pin that both represents your team and looks great in a pin collector's pin bag!

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

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