Looking to Pick Up Little League World Series Tickets? Read This First!

Mark Anderson - May 24, 2019
Looking to Pick Up Little League World Series Tickets? Read This First!
Little League World Series tickets are completely free to the public, as they always have been. However, that doesn't mean they're easy to obtain! Let's look at what you need to do and where you need to go to pick up a ticket for the Series in August.

Tickets Are Free, But Can Be Hard to Get

For many of the earlier games in the Series, general public tickets are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis. League officials may or may not offer tickets ahead of time to assist with seating, depending on how busy that particular game is. If not, the stadium is open to the public and you can choose where to sit.

If officials decide to use tickets for the game you're interested in, you can find the Little League World Series tickets either at the entrance to Lamade Stadium, or at “Will Call” behind the stadium near the third base side. Tickets will be available only on the same day as the game itself, not before.

If you're lining up for tickets, remember that they only give out one per person in line, so make sure to bring your entire crew with you. You don't want to leave anyone without a ticket at game time!

The Closer to the Championship, the Harder Tickets Are to Get

Once many of the teams are eliminated and the Series starts getting closer to the title game, it becomes increasingly difficult to get tickets for the stadium itself. The only championship game that is open to the general public is the consolation game, where seating in the stadium is again on a first-come, first-served basis.

While there are no Little League World Series tickets available to the general public for the championship game this year, officials have used a lottery system in the past. You would have needed to enter your information on a website ahead of time and league officials would choose names at random for tickets.

No Ticket? You Can Still Watch the Game!

Worried you won't get there early enough for a ticket? Don't fret! While snagging a ticket for stadium seating can be difficult sometimes, there are always seats available on “The Hill” near the outfield fence of Lamade Stadium.
“The Hill” is a popular spot for Little League World Series fans, and no tickets are required to sit there. If you've ever watched the Series on TV, you'll recognize the famous hill and you know just how popular it can be.
It's still a good idea to get there early, and you'll need to bring your own chair or towel to sit on. There's also an area of the hill that's set aside for sliding, and while you might get a little muddy, it's still a lot of fun to bring a piece of cardboard to slide down on!
Whether you're able to score some Little League World Series tickets or you decide to catch the games from “The Hill,” the Series is definitely something you should attend at least once. There's a great atmosphere around the complex, and the competitive spirit is alive and well among players and fans alike. Don't forget to visit the pin trading tent while you're attending the Series. We'll see you there!