Looks Like Team Spirit: Designing Softball Trading Pins

The Hoth - May 28, 2019
Looks Like Team Spirit: Designing Softball Trading Pins

Softball trading pins are an exciting part of the youth league softball scene. If you’re a part of a softball team, then you need custom softball trading pins!

Team trading pins are an awesome way to promote your team and show team spirit. Your softball pins should be a reflection of your team’s individuality. So keep reading as we talk about the ins and outs of designing trading pins for softball teams!


This first step to designing softball trading pins is selecting the type of pin you want to have. There are three main types of pins. And having an idea in mind of what you want to place on it will help you decide which type is right for your team.


Soft enamel pins are the most popular style. If you’re going for a classic look, then this pin type is your best bet.

These great pins offer bright colors, and are super-customizable. Try adding bright glow in the dark colors or light up effects!

Whichever design you choose, it will be stamped into the metal pin. We fill in the indentations in your design with a special enamel paint. Then we cure each pin in a kiln to set the colors.

There's a reason this style is the most popular. The pins look great, are durable and affordable. The high gloss polished finish attracts the eye and gives them great trading power.


Offset printed pins print your design directly onto the pin metal. Because there are no ridges or indentations like soft enamel pins, these pins are perfect for a design with lots of detail. We can even reproduce photos, artwork and very complex designs.

Don't forget, you can easily customize these too. You can add spinners, jewels, and more to give your design big trading power! We add a clear, protective epoxy coating to keep your design free from scratches and dings.


Photo etched trading pins are an affordable alternative to soft enamel pins. If you want a great looking, high quality trading pin at a budget price, photo etched is a great choice. Rather than die struck, your design is etched into the pin metal. Then we fill in the colors, and cure them in a kiln to set the enamel. Then we apply a clear epoxy coating to protect your design from scratches, scuffs and nicks.


If your short on time, but need pins for the big game, rush pins are a good go-to solution. They’re a quick and easy solution when you don’t have time to order full custom pins. We can print your team name on one of three stock designs, creating a pin specific to your team. They won't be as fancy as a fully custom design, but they'll be a good looking pin that will trade well.


Incorporate Your Team Name

When customizing your team's pins, the first thing to think about is your team name.  Tigers, Bombers, Valkyries, you name it, it's an awesome idea for a pin design. Use that! Any way that you can think of displaying your team’s name is a great idea.

Include the Mascot

What’s your team’s mascot? Are you the Fighting Knights? Or perhaps you’re the Swinging Salamanders. Take your mascot’s picture and put it on your trading pins! Mascots are perfect for showing a team’s individuality without words!

Base Your Design on Your State

Is your team going to regional or national tournaments? Let’s face it, you guys are good. And you want to rep your state!

Use your state’s name or picture on your pins to represent your hometown. This works just the same for cities or towns.

Represent any area you’re from by showing it on a pin. And the more teams that do this and trade pins, the more fun it is. Think about how cool it would be to collect softball pins from around the state or country!

Match Your Design to Your Team Colors

If you’re not sure where you want to begin with your design, then incorporate your team’s colors.  Having team trading pins that match the uniforms is pretty cool.


Remember that soft enamel pins and offset printed pins are easy to customize. Let your imagination run free when creating your team's pin design. Get the basic design down, then add spinners, lights, glitter, glow in the dark features, jewels, dangles, and more for that extra "wow" factor.

Throw in dates to remember such as tournament wins. Choose just the right amount of design and creativity to really bring out your team’s spirit.


Generic pins come in handy when you find yourself in a pickle. But for the biggest impact, best trading power and biggest team morale boost, you want custom softball trading pins. They’re the best way to show and share your team’s spirit. To get a free digital proof of your pin design, fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. We'll help you showcase all of the things that make your team unique!