Options Help Your DI Trading Pins Stand Out!

Blogger - May 11, 2016

Destination Imagination trading pin options are a terrific way to showcase your Destination Imagination team's creativity and originality. You can highlight your team's creative work in a variety of ways with images, wordplay and more. Options give your team's pins added visual appeal and strong trading power. And they can be surprisingly affordable.

Glitter Enamel -- An Economical Way to Add A Bold Look

Glitter enamel is the most popular option for trading pins of all kinds. It is the most economical way to add dimension and richness to your pins. Glitter gives your pins a bright, bold look that others are sure to notice.

Danglers -- Add Motion and Fun

Danglers are another great way to customize your trading pins. A dangler is a simple second pin that attaches to and hangs down from the main pin. They typically include the year of the competition, but can include other information such as your team name, a phrase or team member names. Good pin suppliers can even incorporate a part of your design into the dangler if you want.

Sliders -- Give Your Pins a Playful Element

Sliders are another fun addition. No, not the mini burgers of that name, although those are great too. These sliders are a secondary pin that attaches to a slot in the main pin, and slide back and forth, up and down or diagonally with the touch of a finger. They add visual appeal and play to your design.

LEDs -- Light Up Your Design

Want to see your pin design up in lights? How about adding miniature LED lights to your DI trading pins? The small battery powered blinkers make your pins virtually impossible to miss!

Bobble Heads -- A Timeless Classic

If you really want to add trading value, consider bobble heads. They attach to the main pin with a strong spring, and move with even the slightest motion of the pin. They are among the most desirable trading pin options.

Talk to your pin supplier about adding any of these great options to your team's DI trading pins. Great choices all, they really boost the trading power of your pins!